Why now is the best time to buy in Turkey

It’s the best time to buy a real estate from Turkey now. We all hear that Turkish government is signing new agreements with a lot of countries everyday to lift visa requirements.One of them is Russia right now.

Beautiful Russia is on the way to be a big partner with its handsome neighbour.By the way the real estate sector in Turkey is building a new infrastructure to be ready for a lot of new foreign guests to arrange their place in new non-visa term in Turkey.Meanwhile it isn’t a new idea for Turkey with its many foreign residents who have been taken up their residence for long years in many beautiful Mediterranean and Aegean towns in Turkey.German,French and English elite pleasure have already discovered this garden of eden for long years like famous football players and artists from Europe eventhough there used to be difficulties in getting  ownership certifications,wherever  these difficulties do not exist  anymore .

Hereinafter they will have new russian,ukrainian,japan,egyptian,syrian etc. neighbours.Because now Turkish government has a new policy “cancel and extinguish all problems withneighbours and all-over the world” . And they are opening all the gates.Meanwhile they are very successfull to settle the same policy in internal affairs and they are improving their civilisation with a satisfied public within, as their idol Ataturk said 80 yrs ago ” peace at home, peace in the world”.

So this situation and policy has new consequences. Turkish paradisical towns will be discovered more and demand will increase in these 2 years.And after these 2 yrs prices will settle down in their new ranges. Also it’s not a secret that thiswill start  after starting to apply the lifting visa agreement in this April.And this increase will continue day by day.

Umut GULER ,Moscow